Here are the swatches of the WnW polishes I bought and raved about in the previous blog post. I did these swatches all at once so they aren't super perfect. I hope they will be helpful to anyone interested. :)

The brush is very large and flat, but I really enjoyed it because I could cover my nails in pretty much one stroke. All the polishes are pretty opaque. The following swatches are one thick coat of polish. If I was doing a full mani, I would probably do two thinner coats. Overall, I love these polishes and my favorites have to be: Tropicalia, Candy-licious, Club Havana, Through the Grapevine, On a Trip, and I need a Refresh-mint.

Here is a pic of the brush size. This is the WnW brush (left) held up next to a China Glaze brush (right).

And here are the swatches:


Shally said...

Love the swatches. It makes me want to try and find the colors I don't have..although I've already looked all over for them so not sure where else to go. lol!

PinkkZilla said...

Thanks, Shally! Would you believe I found 2 more colors?? LOL I was at K-mart last night and they had the entire collection (at one point)... The display was set up for 18 colors. They had 17 available. Now I just need to get the other color and I have no idea what it is, LOL. Gonna drive me nuts! I would check K-mart if you haven't yet because they are the only ones I've seen with the full WnW collection 2012. Good luck!